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Endeavors from Kid Hartha & Maxenevitable

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The Kid Hartha Experience EP

Take a dive into the mind of rap artist Kid Hartha, formerly known as Pride, over the course of 6 songs. Listen HERE

Sleek & Beautiful

Ebon Flow Podcast

Join Hartha alongside featured artists to discuss everything from developing craft to discovering your purpose.

Sleek & Beautiful

Maxenevitable on Twitch

Before Kid Hartha there was Maxenevitable. Click over to Twitch TV for multiple streams per week.

Recent Singles

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Sleek & Beautiful

Filmore Slim

Filmore Slim (Prod. Stereophiles)

Sleek & Beautiful

Such a Stranger

Such a Stranger (Prod. STRKLR)

Sleek & Beautiful


Icarus (Prod. Aso)

Sleek & Beautiful

Man By Myself

Man By Myself (Prod. 5thHop)

Latest Blog Posts

April 21, 2017 No Comments

Ebon Flow Podcast #003 – Deme Truest

About Deme Truest & This Episode In this episode of Ebon Flow, we are joined by an incredibly humbled artist from Chicago named Deme Truest. During our discussion, we talk about his recent journey into taking his music to the next level, which led him on a national tour alongside Noname. We touch on his upcoming…

April 21, 2017 2 comments

Ebon Flow Podcast Episode #002 – xTRVONx

About xTRVONx & This Episode This short, but informative episode of Ebon Flow features a visual artist by the name of Travon Greer. A Chicago native, xTRVONx creates colorful, highly detailed pieces that reflect his understanding and influence of Egyptian culture. During our discussion, we talk about his childhood, methods of his craft, as well…

March 12, 2017 No Comments

Everything You Need To Know About The Kid Hartha Experience

From Pride, To Kid Hartha As a product of being raised both in South Philadelphia, as well as the surrounding suburbs of ‘Delco’, the fight of the underdog is concept that Joseph Pembroke Jr. has always been around. Growing up with influences like Rocky, Frank Sinatra, and Tupac Shakur, the idea of maintaining one’s sense of pride…