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Ebon Flow Podcast Episode #003 - Deme Truest

In this episode of Ebon Flow, we are joined by an incredibly humbled artist from Chicago named Deme Truest. During our discussion, we talk about his recent journey into taking his music to the next level, which led him on a national tour alongside Noname. We touch on his upcoming album, his childhood inspirations with art, and his insight on the lyrics of his hit entitled "Freak Flag". Deme Truest's music is soulful and true to his life, which allows for a plethora of striking stories that place you into his shoes for each movement. Deme has always supported the Kid Hartha movement! He has a few powerful projects currently in the works, so be sure to look out for his debut EP, as well as his upcoming performances around the city!

Lesson Learned: Get the f*ck out there and let your voice be heard- your current level is good enough!


From the moment Kid Hartha's cousin Michael Tubens, aka Tha Vizion showed him the art of Hip-Hop by introducing him to legends like Tupac and Nas, Hartha decided at a very young age that creating rap music would be his destiny. Being from Philadelphia, emcees such as Black Thought and the members of Jedi Mind Tricks had already laid down an incredible groundwork for including true stories and deep meaning within their lyrics.

Today, Kid Hartha hopes to continue and evolve that tradition.

In just 24 years on Earth, Kid Hartha has lived what many would consider to be more than one life. After losing countless friends to suicides, overdoses, jails, and murders, Hartha has seen the pain this world has to offer, but he was often at a safe distance, surrounded by wealth and privilege. The Kid Hartha Experience is about him facing the world's pain in order to shine; pain like the vacancy of his own father, ignorance of his loved ones, and personal addiction to mood altering substances.

Hustling out of Chicago, Kid Hartha is currently performing the material from The Kid Hartha Experience while working on his next two projects.