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Everything You Need To Know About The Kid Hartha Experience

Everything You Need To Know About The Kid Hartha Experience

From Pride, To Kid Hartha

As a product of being raised both in South Philadelphia, as well as the surrounding suburbs of ‘Delco’, the fight of the underdog is concept that Joseph Pembroke Jr. has always been around. Growing up with influences like Rocky, Frank Sinatra, and Tupac Shakur, the idea of maintaining one’s sense of pride became Joseph’s directive. He decided to use his lyrical prowess to instill Pride in himself, and in turn, give it to everyone who would listen. When the rhyme books began around age thirteen, Joseph assigned himself the name Pride, and he gave the name Truth to his cousin Michael. (Now referred to as Tha Vizion.) Three mixtape projects were created under the stage name Pride; Resurrection (2008), Internal Bleeding (2010), Much Pain But Still Pride (2011). It wasn’t until 2015 that Pride realized he was ready for the next chapter- he assumed the name Kid Hartha, started from scratch, and understood that Pride was merely a building block to begin down the path.

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"Much Pain But Still Pride" (2011)

The K.H.E

Original Artwork by Beeple

Track 1: Grown Ass Kid (Prod. Andre.On.Beat)

The transition from Pride to Kid Hartha was set in stone with the creation of this track. Set to eerie samples and almost mystical chord progressions by producer Andre.On.Beat, the atmosphere for harsh storytelling gave Hartha permission to deliver a tale contrasting his own life with the life of his friends. Specifically, Hartha reminisces about his friend who was imprisoned for selling pills to an undercover cop- pills his friend wouldn’t have been able to purchase had Hartha not lent him money. On a larger scale, the song becomes about ‘making it’ in a dangerous city, and how karma is so real that the city itself will smack you down if you don’t respect it. 

Read the lyrics to “Grown Ass Kid” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-grown-ass-kid-lyrics

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Track 2: Stuck in the News (Prod. Andre.On.Beat)

Fed up with the ridiculousness of the 2016 U.S election, Kid Hartha felt it was urgent to release a song which chronicled the time in some way. Instead of coming in with an all-out assault on Trump or Clinton, Hartha took a step back to comment on the real problem with the current political system: discredited media. Even when the media told the truth, they did so with a breath of competition, as if our democracy is a gambling token, as if the fears of citizens matter less than good ratings. The disgusting system hasn’t stopped, but Hartha was one of the first rappers on the scene to call out the insanity of the moment with Stuck in the News. Referencing past drug abuse, terrorism, and many more trending topics, Hartha paints a bleak, yet very real picture with wordplay and compounding rhymes. There’s quite a bit to this song beneath the surface.

Read the lyrics to “Stuck in the News” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-stuck-in-the-news-lyrics

Watch the official music video for “Stuck in the News”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvLOWuTLOSg

Original Artwork by Don Nosti

Track 3: Be The Way (Prod. LexiBanks)

Considering how much of The Kid Hartha Experience deals with societal ills and dreary storytelling, Hartha wanted to make sure that the EP was balanced with some easy-going vibes as well. Don’t get it twisted though, Be The Way actually has some intense story devices, such as the first verse painting a picture of a helpless young woman who sells her body because she feels she has to, in order to make ends meet. The verse closes by highlighting the fact that so many of us are quick to judge others without considering why they took the actions they did, and how one’s understanding of love may play an important role in decision making. The completion of the song gave Hartha an important mantra: instead of getting angry with haters, show them the way. Teaching another may take more energy, but leading by example is the easiest way to do so. Soothing vocals are supplied by Chicago’s own Demetruest who speaks from his own experiences of dealing with negativity. Ultimately the song is an inspiration from Gandhi’s famous quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. 

Read the lyrics to “Be The Way” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-be-the-way-lyrics

Listen to more music from Demetruest: http://demetruest.com/welcome

Check out more artwork from Don Nosti here: https://www.instagram.com/donnosti/

Track 4: Your Presence (Prod. MadReal)

As a tribute to the tradition of Hip-Hop, Kid Hartha felt it was necessary to have at least one song on the album that was purely rap. Over a trance-like combo of bass and strings provided by producer MadReal, Hartha immediately wrote this long verse to vent his frustrations with the actions of certain individuals in his life. The song is titled “Your Presence” because ultimately Kid Hartha realizes that the only difference between a friend you can count on and someone you cannot, is their presence, or lack there of. Perhaps it is growing up and growing apart that Hartha has a tough time dealing with on this track, leading to the conclusion “Ima’ be there when you need me, best believe, and for the ones we can’t do nothin’ for, rest in peace.”

Read the lyrics to “Your Presence” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-your-presence-lyrics

Original Artwork by Elizabeth Rizzo

Sketch by Tai Taeoalii

Track 5: Graveyard (Prod. Andre.On.Beat)

Shortly after the 2016 massacre that took place in Pulse nightclub located in Orlando, FL, Kid Hartha officially had enough. No matter what the excuse is, Hartha is against violence, especially against innocent unarmed individuals. To take it even further, the heinous act that took place on June 12th, 2016, was another occurrence in a long line of terrorist attacks committed throughout various countries in the name of “God”. With Hartha’s own understanding of God and the human mind, he composed this track Graveyard, almost as a mission statement to future terrorists. The main idea behind this song is that Hartha will use these lyrics almost as his own holy book, in an effort to silence the other texts which people have misinterpreted for generations. He will use the true power of the God of his understanding to speak their evil out of existence. WARNING: this track is explicit.

Read the lyrics to “Graveyard” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-graveyard-lyrics

Check out more artwork by Art Taeoalii: http://www.artbytai.com/home.html

Track 6: Lettin' It Go

In the same vein as “Be The Way”, Kid Hartha steps a bit outside of his comfort zone on this track to discuss a few life stories, all dealing with the concept of leaving or staying within moments. In the first verse, Hartha talks about his reluctant arrival to the rap scene, after years of laziness and insecurities about his own stuttering. In verse two, Hartha remembers the night he got jumped by two thugs in Florida, reflecting on how he raps for the same kind of people that harmed him in the past. In verse three, Hartha ties the two previous verses together for the final realization that his pain will be the reason for his triumph, as long as he is able to stay in the right moment when the time comes. 

Read the lyrics of “Lettin’ It Go” here: https://genius.com/Kid-hartha-lettin-it-go-lyrics

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Original Artwork by Zouassi


Artist from Philadelphia, PA. Kid Hartha Enterprise based in Chicago, IL.

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